Fastest racers on earth and proud members of the

Let's Rock Speed Team are:

-   Ŀяѕד«Ңеáthçliff         
-   Ŀяѕד«αήdĩŦ              
   Ŀяѕד« รђลอ๑ฟ巛      
Ŀяѕד« jîmmy            
-   Ŀяѕד«〵slAsh〳      

-   Ŀяѕד« Ŧļцхх·            

The last comments on this page:
Comment posted by Heath, 29.11.2010 um 09:40 (UTC):
We even have Alkis new colors now

Comment posted by Heath, 01.12.2010 um 18:13 (UTC):
And welcome to the Lets Rock Speed Team Slash!!

Comment posted by GreyFACE, 12.12.2010 um 22:07 (UTC):
Hey Guys, nice setup you have there... @heath, wie hast du die namen hier in der Formatierung wie im spiel gemacht?

Comment posted by Shockwave, 20.12.2010 um 15:26 (UTC):
Awesome ^^ for the ones who didnt know I'm rasta ^^

Comment posted by Heath, 21.12.2010 um 08:00 (UTC):
3 new speedy members!
Welcome Shockwave, Fluxx and Narkotek!!

Comment posted by Heath, 30.12.2010 um 15:56 (UTC):
Did a little Colourupdate

Comment posted by alki, 02.01.2011 um 16:26 (UTC):
hey heath i would prefer if all player change the tag to black^^ just looks better

Comment posted by Heath, 03.01.2011 um 20:37 (UTC):
Ok go on open a discussionthread in the forum Everyone should state his opinion whether one colour or 2 (black and white)

Comment posted by Rasta, 04.01.2011 um 00:37 (UTC):
I can't choose xD both colours are nice i just changed into black cuz i hate having the same all the time ^^

Comment posted by Heath, 04.01.2011 um 01:34 (UTC):
Im okie with both only thing i suggest is that "rst" is either b or w

Comment posted by Jimmy, 03.02.2011 um 21:09 (UTC):
good luck on sunday guys! havn´t much time to practice because i had a lot of work =/ but i´ll start at the next war

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